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DMV Qipao Fashion Dance Group

Walking Around the World With Elegance and Charm of Qipao


The Beauty of Qipao and The Charm of Fashion

The DMV Qipao Fashion Dance Group is committed to promoting and displaying the cultural value of qipao, a traditional Chinese dress. Here, qipao is not only a dress, but also a carrier of Chinese history, culture and aesthetics.

To realize our mission and vision, the DMV Qipao Fashion Dance Group provides a platform for those who love qipao and Chinese culture to express themselves and improve their artistic talents. Here, you can learn, experience, and enjoy the charm of qipao art. We provide students with regular classes and various performance opportunities. As a bridge between Chinese and American cultures, we actively promote Chinese beauty, demonstrate the influence of Chinese style on the international stage, and present the charm of Chinese culture to the world.

Our Studios

McLean Studio

6888 Elm St. Suite 304

McLean, VA 22101

Rockville Studio

1335 Piccard Dr

Rockville, MD 20850

Woodbridge Studio

12531 Poplar Ln

Woodbridge, VA 22192

Class Schedule

Class Schedule - Fall 23' English_page-0001_edited.jpg
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