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DMV Qipao Fashion Dance Group

The DMV Qipao Fashion Dance Group is committed to promoting and displaying the cultural value of the qipao, a traditional Chinese costume. Here, the qipao is not only a costume, but also a carrier of Chinese history, culture and aesthetics.

Our Values:

The Charm of Qipao: showing the elegance and profound cultural connotation of qipao.

Positivity: Promote team and personal growth to achieve maximum potential.

Artistic Enjoyment: Pay attention to the process of art and bring real happiness.

Integration: We encourage cross-cultural exchanges and promote mutual understanding and respect.

Our Mission:

To stimulate global curiosity and enthusiasm for Chinese Qipao culture, and inspire more people to join us to explore and promote the culture, beauty and charm of qipao.

Our Vision:

Meet Beauty, Understand Beauty, Discover Beauty, Pursue Beauty, Become Beauty, Enjoy Beauty.

Our Slogan:

The beauty of qipao and the charm of fashion.

Meet the Team

Our core members & Instructors are dedicated to sharing the art and beauty of Qipao with all

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